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Hohsi Expedition

Children on a journey of discovery with fun, games and excitement on the spa and pleasure trail on Kreuzboden with the Hohsi Expedition Pass.

11 stations invite children to take part , discover and experience various things. In a playful way perceive the senses, explanations about the weather, experiments and much more. Creative and educational.
At the cash desk in the valley station or in the command room on Kreuzboden, you can buy expedition bags with a exercise booklet, crayons and craft materials at a price of CHF 5.00.

bergbahnen hohsaas saas grund familien 5


The destination for children

For the kids there are plenty of opportunities to let off steam in Hohsi-Land - be it on suspension bridges, climbing walls or other equipment. Also in the water park there are many interesting things to discover. Play equipment, water play park and a barbecue invite you to linger longer.

Saas Fee Saastal Hohsaas Saas Grund Familien Kleintierzoo 2

Farm animal zoo

When was the last time you stroked a dwarf goat? The little goats and many other small pets and farm animals are waiting for children and their parents. A quick sniff, a slight nudge and already new friendships between humans and animals have been made. By the way, you are not only allowed to look and marvel, you are welcome to touch as well. The little ones will be happy
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